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2003/04 Season

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The strong energy with which the company was created, quickly positioned the project as an important impulser in its artistic surroundings. In the fall of 2003, Yaron Engler moved to live in Barcelona as the group continued the intensive rehearsals in Camut Band studios.


As of February 2004, already established in its own studios (C/Constitción, Barcelona), Sharon Lavi and the group, combined the procesing of the creations with the launching of various training programs and workshops.


On the artistic level, a first collaboration with Hofesh Shechter in Barcelona in the development of works such as "Platos" and "Guf" enriched the company's repertoire with new creative input. Years to come these works would be included inside of the full length program MONKEYS.


A 1st choreographic version to Yaron Engler's "Ahawa" served as a training platform for a group of students that performed with it during the 1st Barcelona Tap Festival events in May 2004. In the same events, after the addition of Agnès Padrós to the group, the company itself performed at the "Las Cibeles" gala with "El Clásico" & "Platos".


During Spring/Summer of 2004, old KexevKezev was translated from hebrew to Spanish and Catalan and was presented in local fairs and open studio events in order to be introduced in the programing of upcoming seasons as the company's children's performance.


The season ended with a special body percussion workshop given again by Hofesh Shechter, who at the time was already an emerging choreographer inside the London contemporary dance scene.








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