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2004/05 Season

In the fall of 2004, the group re-established a rehearsal routine with a new purpose in mind, an open studio demonstration that would portray the unique language and would establish the grounds for a first large scale full length evening program.  The "Demo", which also served as official open studio inauguration towards the local tap dance community, was held on December of 2004 and included pieces such as "Tucheki", "El Clásico", "Tukadama" & "Aaj Mera" as well as a new piece premiered at the occasion: "Escaleras".


At the same time, the first TAPEPLAS workshop generation started its regular training within the company's style and repertoire. This year round training included regular Classical Ballet classes, Music theory sessions, Tap technique & improvisation classes and was the grounds in which Sharon Lavi trained new generations of dancers that eventually could become part of the company and its body of understudies. The first workshop generation included: Estefanía Porqueras, Sara Vázquez, Miriam Sánchez, Xusa Minyana, Joanna Mari, Carla Mora, Irene Ruiz, Sergi Descayre & Mireia Olivé.


As the season continued, a special collaboration with "Stomper" and Tap dancer Leela Petronio brought to the creation of "Leela", a work that was to be introduced in MONKEYS as well. At the same time Sharon Lavi created the 1st version of "Talate" to music by Yaron Engler.


In the spring of 2005 a first Workshop open class was held while special male dancer auditions were a base in which the company got to know new and different local and European Tap dancers.


Pieces performed at the 2nd Barcelona Tap Festival Gala at Esportiu Rocafort in May 2005 were "Talate" & a version of "Metamorfosis", originally a solo choreographed by Mandy Kol and performed by Sharon Lavi in June of 2001, but in this ocassion executed as a combined workshop & company piece.


During July/August of 2005 "El Clásico" participated at the contemporary dance competition Burgos/New York in Burgos (Castilla) and also a special male intensive  workshop was held at the company studios from which David Beneito ended up joining the company.


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