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Established in Barcelona since 2002 under the direction of tap dancer and choreographer Sharon Lavi, the company presently offers 4 productions for touring. Having introduced an avant-garde current within its scene, from its early stages, the project has contributed to the development & nurturing of an energetic community related to tap dance, music & creation.


Today the SLC trademark fuses between different tendencies in the performing arts, fast-paced movement & a style of tap dance that has become a contemporary standard on a national & European level. Representing the fusion of different Mediterranean cultures to which its members belong, the company constantly combines national and international tours.


As resident company of Escola Luthier, along the entire season, the company's regular training and classes are held at the center's premises in Barcelona.



This multidisciplinary project of music and dance that has gained a solid position in the performing arts over the past decade – is a unique style of tap dance & visual music. Created between Israel & Spain, SLC works mix between east & west, ethnic & urban, old & new. Versatile music blends with visual & innovative feet percussion choreography, as dancers & musicians from different cultures move, interact & share.



The Sharon Lavi Company dates back to its founding in 2002 under the name of TAPEPLAS. As of 2011, the project - a former creative and production entity - focuses solely on the artistic aspect, reason for which since then, it has been bearing the name of it's founder & artistic director. Nevertheless and even though the intention is to more accurately reflect the personal style and direction within the work, the large scale company pieces are available as always and are part of its touring repertoire.


Artistic Director & Choreographer: Sharon Lavi

Co-choreographer: Mandy Kol

Design Advisor: Isabel Lasa

Fund raising & Communication: Irene Reig

Production Assitant: Estefanía Porqueras




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