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Epic (new version)

The story of a journey, of an endless line of shadows –  sequence of influences, origins and cultures, crossroads between East and West, past towards present; of the mass that is recognized in the search for an identity; of the contradiction between the magnetism of the endless journey and the charm of the ephemeral moment.


With 14 performers on stage and live music, EPIC was the last work created and produced by TAPEPLAS, the company in its previous format.  


A new version of EPIC, inside the company's current format , is in progress of creation.

Artistic credits of 1st version produced in 2009 -

Artistic director: Sharon Lavi
Musical director: Yaron Engler
Choreography: Sharon Lavi in collaboration with Mandy Kol, Laia Molins and Anna Llombart
Music: Yaron Engler, M. Leontovych, J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi
Dancers: David Beneito, Sharon Lavi, Anna Llombart, Laia Molins, Agnès Padrós, Estefanía Porqueras, Rubén Sánchez, Sara Vázquez
Musicians: Fran Bartlett, Yaron Engler, Norman Jankowski, Albert Mallorca, Joan Miquel Pérez, Daniele "Ubjk" de Stasio
Swings: Isabel Lasa, Pedro Locubiche, Linda Maestrini, Jose Sala, Tato Sassone
Rope instructor: Sara Jorge
Lighting design: Jordi Perez
Sound design: Jordi Salvadó, Roc Ibàñez
Costume design: Isabel Lasa, Montse Garreta
Image design: Isabel Lasa
Lighting technicians: Jordi Pérez, Marc Llobet
Costume tailoring: Costurart

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