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A tap dancer and a percussionist invite audiences to travel along with them through the world of rhythm. In their journey they come across different cultures, periods of time, characters & emotions. During an hour they dance & play, talk & shout, jump & have fun, entertain & amuse; all by the means of one language –  R H Y T H M . One after the other different beats & pulses keep emerging, as the audience gradually finds out about the secret of rhythm inside the art of listening.


A small format performance that has toured internationally since 1998 – ideal for all the family audiences.

Directed by: Ellida Geyra

Choreography: Sharon Lavi

Percussions: Yaron Engler

Dancer: Sharon Lavi

Percussionist: Gadi Peter

Swings: Mandy Kol, Estefanía Porqueras,

Igal Baram, Albert Mallorca, Tato Sassone


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